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Meet Janelle

Your Accounting Coach and Guide to Permanent Profitability 

After working many years in accounting and tax prep I realized my passion was helping others turn their passions into profits.  I didn't find fulfilment in just completing tax returns and printing off reports. I also discovered that most business owners need help in day-to-day operations.  Having numbers in real time helps them make the best decisions to meet their vision. Once I saw the impact I could have by sharing simple yet powerful knowledge, Ollin Balance was started. I am now blessed to be able to focus on helping other business owners full time.

When I'm not helping others keep things all in balance, I am traveling with my husband, Rod who I am proud to say is a Master Chief in The United States Coast Guard.   I also enjoy yoga (I got my certification in 2020), vegan cupcake making and listening to every podcast I can find on all of the above. 

If you would like to learn about my education and professional experience, please follow me on Linkedin.

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