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Perpetual Profitability 

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Turning  Passions Into  Profits
Profit Coaching

Even if you do understand your profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements, these are historical reports. You are basically trying to move your business forward while looking in the rearview mirror…not a wise strategy when the road ahead of your business is full of twists and turns.

Another problem with the way providers have traditionally approached financial reporting is the reports don’t focus on a solution for the number one problem most businesses have: A lack of profitability and effective cash flow management.

Business owners need an easy to use system that answers these three questions:

1. What are your numbers telling you about the health of your business?

2. How do you use this data to drive your business forward?

3. How can you intentionally foster profitability in your business while making sure you never run out of cash?


That’s where Profit First comes in.

Ready to put profit first in your business? Book a call with me today!

Profit First 

Have you already done your research on Profit First and want to implement it but aren't sure where to start?


I've designed a Kickstarter program just for you! Over two 90 minute sessions ​we'll go over the following in detail:

1. Your custom Profit First Strategy Blueprint that includes your Target Allocation Percentages (%) (TAPS) and a clear path on how to get there!

2. A custom worksheet to perform your 10/25 allocations.

3. Checklist of other steps to kickstart Profit First in your business the right way!

4. Bonus 13-week cash flow worksheet. 

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